At no time should anyone regardless of size go under a garage door when it’s closing.

When you stop and think about it, garage doors are the biggest part of your house and they’re the heaviest. The garage door system is an intricate system that allows you to safely enter and exit the garage, as well as provide safety and security to the rest of your house.

We also take garage doors for granted at times.  We let people, especially small children play with the opener so that they can amuse themselves, watching the door go up and down; the more they play with the buttons, the more the rollers wear out, causing the garage to go off its tracks.  The remote battery wears down, requiring replacement.

And let’s talk about letting children or anyone running or ducking underneath the door as it’s closing.  Sure there’s the thrill of danger, but on what planet is that really a good idea?  The force of a car door crashing down on a small body, or any body for all that matters is devastating and can be life-ending… just for a little excitement. It’s not cool. It’s not daring. It’s just not bright at all. If you’re a parent, imagine the horror of seeing your teenager or your child pinned underneath the garage door.  Trying to trick the sensor isn’t a smart idea, either. Teach your children early on to respect the garage door, and for the sake of their health and safety, admonish them when they’re playing around.

Let’s talk about garage door springs. They are tricky to install. They exert a lot of force and they should only be installed or repaired by trained professionals. If you’re not certified, don’t even go there. Imagine a spring hitting you in the face with incredible force. It won’t just leave a mark. It might cause permanent damage and cause substantial injury.

Finally, make sure that hands and fingers are kept as far away from openings in gate panels and gaps in the garage door panels as possible.  You never know when a garage door might malfunction and suddenly fingers are smashed in between the panels… or even worse.

Be careful around your garage door.  Treat it with respect.  Failure to show it the respect it deserves can lead to disaster.