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Garage Door Repair San FranciscoOur family operated garage door company was founded in San Francisco in 2001. Our main objective is to deliver you excellence in garage door repair and service. We have brochures available on our website and features many different styles of garage doors, as well as other services available to you. Garage Door Repair San Francisco CA has a broad variety of garage door options available from top of the line brands such as; 1st joined Garage Doors, Amarr, CHI Garage Doors and many more. For more information call Garage Door Repair San Francisco at (888) 416-6739. Garage Door Repair San Francisco will be more than happy for the opportunity to service your garage door. Your decision will depend on budget, design and the structure of the garage itself, so give us a call for a FREE-ESTIMATE on your garage door repair, and service. Big or small, we build and repair all gates! Sometimes, the gate motor only needs repairing rather than replacement. If this is the case, we can send out a technician inspect the motor for you.

Click for Coupons Garage Door Repair San Francisco is certified, and experienced in providing fixes and installations for commercial garage doors. Our business has been serving the San Francisco and its surrounding cities for over 15 years. Just give us a call, we can repair and replace damaged springs, drums, rollers, cables and any of the other garage door components.

Every homeowner can relate to the inconveniences thrown out, at the worst possible time, when it comes to a garage door spring repair. It is always best to have both springs replaced at the same time, as the second spring’s life expectancy will be just about ready to retire soon after. It is extremely important to install the appropriate size spring according to the weight and size of your garage door, as the wrong size will not only damage your garage door system, but it would also damage your garage door opener.

Should the garage door spring break, the cables can keep the door from slamming shut on your car. To determine if the cables are actually the problem, our technicians will perform various inspection and procedures as needed. Should you have concern about the safety and durability of your garage door cable, call us our technicians are committed to offering you the service you need and deserve.

A garage door that has come off its track should not be operated at all, or your garage door will be at risk of sustaining serious damage. A common cause for this issue would be if one or both cables snap, having just one bad roller, can cause your garage door to go off its track. In the interest of your safety, we suggest that you do not attempt to move it or repair it yourself. Give the experts a call.

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